Telepsychiatry for California Organizations

Orbit Health is a leading provider of telepsychiatry services across the United States and maintains service locations in several states, including California.  If you own or operate an organization anywhere in the State of California that would benefit from qualified, licensed psychiatric professionals, Orbit Health is ready to connect you with the mental health services you require.  Using simple video-conferencing technology, Orbit Health can bring specialized psychiatric care to any location in California that has access to the internet. 

Telepsychiatry for Healthcare Providers

Medical professionals understand the need for expert, specialized psychiatric care.  Unfortunately, many hospitals and other healthcare providers in California are located in remote or hard-to-reach locations or are limited by current shelter-in-place orders and other coronavirus quarantine measures.

With Orbit Health, your options for psychiatric professionals are no longer limited to who happens to live nearby, or to whoever is willing to take an expensive flight to your location.  We can bring professionals from any specialization right to your California hospital or medical office, regardless of your location.  Our mental health professionals offer all manner of services, including diagnosis, treatment, prescription, education, consultation, and observation.  Whatever your healthcare organization’s mental health needs, we can provide.

Telepsychiatry for California Correctional Facilities

Experts agree:  Mental health is not only a pervasive problem in correctional facilities, but it is in fact one of the fundamental problems preventing many convicted persons from properly rehabilitating.  Though mental health disorders are neither necessary nor sufficient for criminal behavior, the fact remains that mental health issues certainly contribute to the likelihood of breaking the law.  Moreover, time spent incarcerated in jail, prison, or juvenile detention is likely to do significantly more harm than good to the inmates’ mental health.

In contrast, inmates who are given proper mental health treatment have been shown to have fewer altercations with other inmates and guards, a lower risk of self-harm and suicide, and reduced propensity toward recidivism upon release.  With telepsychiatry, you can bring psychiatric experts from anywhere around the country, with any specialization you need, right to your California correctional or juvenile detention facility.  Inmates get the healthcare they both need and are guaranteed by law, doctors are not put at risk, and you can target specific mental health issues rather than relying on generic treatment, where it is even available.  At Orbit Health, we are dedicated to the eradication of mass incarceration of the mentally ill, and we hope you will allow us to further that goal by assisting your facility.

Telepsychiatry for California Forensic Evaluations

The psychiatric professionals who work with Orbit Health are available for all manner of services beyond traditional client diagnosis and treatment.  Many legal matters, whether civil or criminal, depend on the testimony of qualified expert witnesses.  Unfortunately, not every jurisdiction has easy access to trained professionals who specialize in the areas required for each case.  Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, where travel is limited and in-person meetings are sparse, Orbit Health provides a vital service for plaintiffs, defendants, prosecutors and court officials who need psychiatric specialists to pursue or defend against legal claims or evaluate parties to a proceeding.

Our forensic psychiatrists can evaluate injured plaintiffs or victims, opine on the psychiatric effects of certain treatments or mistreatment, discuss the needs of individuals under their given circumstances, evaluate the fitness of defendants to stand trial or parties to sign contracts, make determinations concerning involuntary commitment or guardianship, or otherwise provide help in any matter in which a psychiatric opinion is called for.  They can help you prove your case, provide consultation on building or refuting an argument, or help you establish a figure for a damages award in accordance with the matter at hand.

Telepsychiatry for California Youth Homes

At Orbit Health, we know that the welfare of children is of paramount importance.  Mental health issues have for too long been ignored in all parts of society, including children in particular.  Children with mental/emotional problems or developmental disabilities very often are not afforded the diagnosis and treatment they need, in many cases simply because a qualified mental health professional is not available.  With Orbit Health, lack of availability for any psychiatric specialty will never again be an issue.  We work with residential youth homes in California to ensure that residents get the care and service they truly need to thrive.

If Your California Organization Would Benefit From Mental Health Services, Contact Orbit Health Today

Whether you are a California employer looking to provide mental health benefits, a correctional facility, a California healthcare provider, a juvenile detention center, a litigant in a case involving mental health issues, or any other organization in California that would benefit from easy access to psychiatric professionals, Orbit Health is here to help.  We offer qualified, professional psychiatric experts for all manner of psychiatric services, from direct care to expert witness testimony.

With Orbit Health, you do not have to rely on practitioners already located in your area, nor do you have to worry about safety concerns such as coronavirus contamination.  Orbit Health will connect you with dedicated, licensed psychiatric professionals, brought directly to any California location that has internet access.  To get the psychiatric services you need,  contact Orbit Health today!