Orbit Health In The News

The Future of Telehealth After COVID | by Christopher Hazlehurst, J.D. | Sept 28, 2021
This article features Doctor Kaftarian talking about how telehealth has expanded after COVID-19. He comments that many organizations are in favor of expanding their telehealth program and changes are always occurring on the national level.

Facebook Strengthens Advertisement Policies Regarding Telehealth by Amanda Tjan | Aug 27, 2021
Doctor Kaftarian was recently interviewed for an article discussing a new Facebook policy requiring pre-approval and certification before telehealth providers, online pharmacies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers can advertise on the social media platform. Doctor Kaftarian spoke favorably of the move, highlighting Facebook’s potential to serve as a means of educating the public and providing high-quality medical information, provided procedures are in place to create public trust and confidence in the quality of the information.

Telehealth Regulations and Requirements During a National Emergency by Amanda Tjan | Mar 22, 2021
Doctor Edward Kaftarian of Orbit Health was recently featured in an article describing telehealth regulations and requirements during a national emergency such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Doctor Kaftarian was interviewed regarding the history of telemedicine and some of the medical fields most suited to telemedicine, such as telepsychiatry.