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Why do prisons and jails need telepsychiatrists?

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For a multitude of reasons, inmates deserve access to timely mental health treatment. In fact, access to adequate healthcare is protected under the 8th and 14th Amendments to the United States Constitution. Providing mental health treatment via telepsychiatry eases suffering and is, therefore, the right thing to do from a human perspective. In addition,… Read More »

Telemedicine Advocacy Results in New Opioid Legislation

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By Edward Kaftarian, MD CEO, Orbit Health Telepsychiatry Vice-Chair, American Telemedicine Association Tele-mental Health Special Interest Group Controlled substances are an important tool for psychiatrists.  We use them to help patients survive alcohol and heroin addiction.  We also use them in the treatment of ADHD, anxiety, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. The Ryan Haight Online… Read More »

Correctional Telepsychiatry Works!

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Telepsychiatry has been shown to be an effective mode of patient care delivery in jails and prisons.  Psychiatry staffing shortages nationwide are impacting the ability of correctional facilities to provide sufficient psychiatric care to inmates.  However, telepsychiatry has helped alleviate the staffing shortages. There are some unique advantages of telepsychiatry over onsite care in… Read More »

The Dark Side of Telemedicine & Healthcare Technology

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Every human condition can be improved with the correct instruments, right?  Telemedicine, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are such instruments, and they are becoming more accessible, accurate and precise with each passing year.  We are increasingly able to acquire, process and interpret big data more quickly.  The power of these tools will no doubt allow us… Read More »

Mergers & Acquisitions in Telehealth: What Does This Mean?

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In May 2018, American Well announced the acquisition of Avizia to vertically deepen their acute-care telemedicine offerings.  A few weeks later, it was announced that Teladoc acquired Advance Medical, a Spain-based company.  This is horizontal growth with the aim of gaining international marketshare, especially in Asia and South America.   Through mergers and acquisitions, these companies are… Read More »

Correctional Telepsychiatry: A Good Fit

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Jails and prisons can be bleak and austere places to work.  The steel bars and concrete walls deliver a cold feel.  Survival is a constant theme for patients and staff alike.  Feelings of hopelessness can dominate and an authoritarian vibe can overwhelm.  Working inside the jail or prison walls, one cannot help but feel… Read More »

Telemedicine in Focus: California

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Answers to 10 common questions With a population of approximately 39 million people, the Golden State is the most populous in the Union.  In addition, California is geographically huge and ranked third in total land area.  Physicians in California tend to live in the large metropolitan areas that hug the coastline.  Uneven distribution of… Read More »

Telepsychiatry Lighting Fundamentals: Lights, Camera, Action…

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Think about a great scene in your favorite movie.  What made it have so much impact?  Was it the screenplay, the acting, or the scenery?  You may not have thought about it, but chances are that the lighting and color of the set made a big difference.  The way the lights were positioned captured… Read More »

The Webside Manner

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5 Techniques to Gain the Trust of Patients   Have you ever had a great doctor?  Chances are you liked that doctor because of the way she made you feel as a patient; in other words, it was her bedside manner.   The bedside manner is the way a doctor interacts with her patient…. Read More »

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