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Orbit Health is a leading provider of telepsychiatry services across the country.  Whether you operate a healthcare practice, a correctional facility, a school, a residential youth home, or any other business or institution that would benefit from psychiatric professionals, Orbit Health can provide you with top-quality psychiatric experts specialized for your needs.  We provide telepsychiatry services everywhere across the country, including organizations in the following locations:


California is at the forefront of mental health research and treatment.  Healthcare providers in California should be on the frontlines of the next wave of mental health practice as well.  Orbit Health offers telepsychiatry services for medical practices, schools, employers, lawyers, correctional facilities, and other institutions across the State of California.


As of July 1, 2019, the State of Florida has authorized registered out-of-state healthcare practitioners to treat patients using telehealth technology.  Orbit Health is prepared to provide telepsychiatry services to any of the Florida Department of Corrections facilities, Florida’s juvenile detention centers, as well as to medical practitioners in need of psychiatric services across the state.


Virginia permits telemedicine so long as the medical professional is licensed within the state.  While Virginia has yet to join the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, the state has issued a series of helpful guidelines concerning the practice of telemedicine.  Orbit Health brings licensed psychiatric care specialists to remote and hard-to-reach locations across the State of Virginia, including medical offices, correctional facilities, juvenile detention centers, and other institutions.


Oregon permits out-of-state medical professionals to practice telemedicine within the state so long as they obtain a license for the “practice of medicine across state lines.”  Orbit Health can bring licensed psychiatric care specialists to any location in the state with internet access.  We make sure that our psychiatric care professionals adhere to all state laws pertaining to diagnosis, treatment, care, and prescription. 


Texas has expansive permissions concerning telemedicine and telepsychiatry in particular.  Texas offers a specialized Out-of-State Telemedicine License that allows out-of-state practitioners to operate certain telemedicine services.  Orbit Health can bring psychiatric care professionals to organizations and institutions all across the state, from urban to rural locations, qualified and licensed in accordance with all state and federal healthcare laws. 

Washington State

Washington has joined the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, which permits out-of-state medical professionals to obtain fast-track licenses within the state.  If you need a psychiatric care expert with any particular specialty, Orbit Health can bring them to your location for remote consultation, diagnosis, and treatment. 


Utah is part of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, which permits out-of-state medical professionals to obtain fast-track licenses within the state.  Utah has also been a leader in providing funding for telehealth services and in working to expand broadband internet and telehealth technology across the country.  If you are in a remote or hard-to-access location in Utah, Orbit Health can bring specialized psychiatric professionals right to your medical office or correctional facility through teleconferencing technology. 


Delaware law sets certain restrictions on audio-only telemedicine services as well as telemedicine prescription services, but permits live video telemedicine.  Through Orbit Health,  your healthcare organization, correctional facility, or other institution can offer psychiatric services brought through videoconferencing regardless of your location, so long as you have sufficient internet access.  Orbit Health keeps apprised of all state-level laws and regulations in Delaware concerning practitioner licensing and telemedicine services.


Colorado has joined the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, which permits out-of-state professionals to fast-track licensing within the state.  Colorado also has expanded permissions for the performance of telemedicine across the state.  That means that Orbit Health can easily provide your medical practice, correctional facility, or other institution with psychiatric care specialists from around the country, targeted to your specific needs and the needs of your patients.

If you are a healthcare provider anywhere in the country who would benefit from experienced, licensed, and prudent psychiatric care specialists, reach out to Orbit Health to discuss your options for telepsychiatry today.

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