Telepsychiatry for Florida Organizations

Orbit Health is a leading provider of telepsychiatry services across the United States. If you own or operate an organization anywhere in the State of Florida that would benefit from experienced, effective, and qualified psychiatric professionals, Orbit Health is ready to connect you with the mental health services you require. Using simple video-conferencing technology, Orbit Health can bring specialized psychiatric care to any location in California that has access to the internet.

Telepsychiatry for Florida Healthcare Providers

Medical professionals understand the need for experienced, targeted psychiatric care.  Especially with the rise of the coronavirus pandemic, proper in-person psychiatric care is not always safe or available.  Many medical offices, hospitals, and other healthcare providers in Florida are located in remote locations or are limited by current shelter-in-place orders and other quarantine measures.  Many patients in Florida have limited mobility or are unable to leave their houses, nursing homes, or other long-term care facilities.  Telemedicine provides the solution.

With Orbit Health, your options for psychiatric professionals are no longer limited to whatever specialist happens to live nearby, nor do you have to convince an expert to take an expensive flight to your location.  Orbit Health brings mental health professionals from all specializations right to your Florida hospital or medical office, regardless of your location.  Our psychiatric care experts offer all manner of services including diagnosis, treatment, prescription, education, consultation, and observation. Whatever your healthcare organization’s mental health needs, we can provide. 

Telepsychiatry for Florida Correctional Facilities and Juvenile Detention Centers

A growing body of evidence makes it clear: Not only is providing mental health services for inmates more humane; proper mental health care directly contributes to the likelihood of successful rehabilitation.  Mental health disorders are not, of course, either required for or alone sufficient to cause criminal behavior.  Proper mental health treatment, however, has been proven to reduce the likelihood of recidivism, as well as reduce the likelihood of harmful behaviors while incarcerated, including both self-harm and violence committed against guards or other inmates.  Particularly for juveniles in detention centers or halfway houses, proper psychiatric counseling is key to putting youthful offenders on the path to a successful, law-abiding life.

With Orbit Health, you can bring psychiatric care specialists to your correctional facility or detention center in a low-cost, efficient manner, without risking coronavirus infection or physical harm to any parties involved.  Inmates receive the care they need and are guaranteed by law, physicians are not put at risk, and the correctional facility can boast a safer, more effective environment for incarceration.  Moreover, at Orbit Health, we are dedicated to the eradication of mass incarceration of the mentally ill, and we hope you will allow us to further that goal by assisting your facility.

Telepsychiatry for Florida Youth Homes

At Orbit Health, we know that the welfare of children is of paramount importance.  Children who fall into “the system” often have overlooked mental or emotional problems that prevent them from reintegrating into healthy and productive family lifestyles.  Often, the lack of diagnosis and treatment is simply a matter of availability; no qualified psychiatric care specialist is located in the area, or none are willing to help out.

With Orbit Heath, locational concerns are a thing of the past.  We work with residential youth homes around the country to ensure that residents get the care and service they truly need to thrive.  We can bring mental health professionals from a variety of specialties, from developmental disabilities, to grief counseling, to borderline personality disorder.

If Your Florida Medical Organization Needs Quality Mental Health Services, Reach Out to Orbit Health Today

Whether you are a Florida employer looking to provide mental health benefits, a state or county correctional facility, a Florida healthcare provider, a civil or criminal litigant in a case involving mental health issues, or any other organization in Florida that would benefit from easy access to psychiatric professionals across a wide range of specialties, Orbit Health is here to help. We offer licensed, professional psychiatric experts for all manner of psychiatric services, from direct care to teaching, consultation, and expert witness testimony.

With Orbit Health, you do not have to rely on practitioners already located in your area, nor do you have to worry about safety concerns such as coronavirus contamination. Orbit Health will connect you with effective, economical psychiatric professionals, imported right to any Florida location that has internet access. To get needed psychiatric services in Florida, contact Orbit Health today!