Telepsychiatry for Juvenile Detention Centers

Orbit Health Offers Safe and Effective Counseling and Treatment for Juvenile Detainees

There has been a growing consensus among mental health and criminal justice professionals that psychiatric care is an essential part of the rehabilitation process.  Criminal defendants are more likely than the average person to suffer from a psychiatric illness, and treatment of that illness–be it related to drug addiction, anger management, depression, stress, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, or other reasons–is vital in preventing recidivism and reducing crime overall.  Juvenile offenders, in particular, are ripe for treatment that can truly save their lives and set them on the right path for adulthood.  Many courts are now looking to alternatives to traditional punishment and incarceration, especially for juveniles, including drug and alcohol counseling, halfway houses, and other types of mental health treatment.  Many states now require some form of psychiatric care for correctional facility inmates and juvenile detainees in the form of health regulations.

Securing professional, effective mental health care for juveniles can be a challenge.  Many youth detention centers are located in remote locations where psychiatrists are uncommon or unavailable.  Many juvenile detainees have specific mental conditions that require specialized understanding and expertise.  Even if there are mental health professionals nearby, bringing them into a facility for in-person treatment can be difficult or dangerous.  While the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage on, in-person treatment can be especially concerning.

With Orbit Health, you can bring psychiatrists from all disciplines from anywhere in the country right to your facility.  You can find experts in grief, anxiety, depression, anger, personality disorders, or any other specific issue faced by a detainee.  You do not have to worry about contagions or other physical health concerns.  You save time, money, and effort from transporting the experts to you.  All you need is a quiet room and an internet connection.

Mental Health Treatment is Essential for Juvenile Offenders

Mental health problems are common in all types of correctional facilities.  In juvenile detention centers, detainees are extremely likely to suffer from anxiety, anger disorders, depression, and other psychiatric issues.  Convicted juveniles are also at higher risk for self-harm and suicide.  While treatment is important for its own sake, it is also vital to ensuring that juvenile offenders have a real shot at reforming.  The ideal form of juvenile detention is focused on rehabilitation, not punishment.  Psychiatric care is vital to that rehabilitation process.

With Orbit Health, your facility has access to mental healthcare specialists from around the country.  We can patch in experts specific to the issues faced by particular detainees so that they get the treatment they need and are able to reenter society as functioning members, much less likely to engage in recidivism.  Failing to provide counseling and mental health treatment saps juvenile detainees of the chance to truly reform by targeting the root of the issues that led to their criminal encounters.  Healthy inmates do better, plain and simple.

Studies Bear it Out: Telepsychiatry Helps

Several prominent recent studies have shown that youths in detention facilities who are given access to telepsychiatry counseling come away healthier and more functional.  Youths who worked with telepsychiatry experts expressed a significantly higher number of goals in categories including education, family, health, and social skills.  They were markedly more likely to attain goals associated with family relations and personality/behavior, essential to entering adulthood as a lawful and productive member of society.  Make your facility safer, more effective, and more cost-effective.  Orbit Health brings the psychiatric experts to you.

Contact Orbit Health to Work With Our Qualified Juvenile Psychiatric Professionals Today

If you operate a juvenile detention facility, you can benefit from the diagnoses, advice, counseling, and opinions of qualified psychiatric efforts.  With Orbit Health, you do not have to rely on practitioners already located in your area, nor do you have to worry about safety concerns such as coronavirus contamination.  Orbit Health will connect you with qualified, dedicated psychiatric professionals, brought directly to any location that has internet access.  If you are looking for correctional telepsychiatry services for your juvenile detention facility, contact Orbit Health today!