Telepsychiatry for Texas Organizations

Orbit Health offers telepsychiatry services to healthcare providers and other entities across the United States. We connect hospitals, medical offices, and others in need of psychiatric care and consulting across the State of Texas, without restriction on time of day, location, or subspecialty. With our state-of-the-art videoconferencing services, Orbit Health brings psychiatric care professionals directly to your medical practice or conference room, regardless of where your office is located, so long as you have access to the internet. Telepsychiatry allows for specialized psychiatric care without worry about exposure to contagious diseases or geographic limitations. When you need licensed, effective mental health services, you can rely on Orbit Health to bring expert care providers directly to your patients at your leisure. 

Texas and Mental Health Care

While the State of Texas does not have the highest prevalence of mental illness across the country, it certainly does not have the lowest rates, nor do Texas citizens have the best access to mental health care. According to Mental Health America, Texas ranks 30th in the United States in terms of the prevalence of mental illness and lower rates of access to effective mental health care. In fact, Texas is currently ranked second-to-last in terms of access to insurance and mental health treatment, ahead of only Georgia.

These figures demonstrate just how important it is to expand the availability of qualified mental health service providers for Texas citizens. Many counties across the state are rural and difficult to access, exacerbating the growing mental health crisis. Telepsychiatry allows healthcare providers to bypass geographical limitations and directly connect with patients anywhere there is an internet connection. With assistance from Orbit Health, you can offer patients in your locale the highest quality treatment options with limited cost and administrative hassle. Improve the lives of your patients and the success of your healthcare practice by consulting with Orbit Health today.

Orbit Provides Telepsychiatry for All Needs

Orbit Health can bring licensed psychiatric care specialists to any location in Texas with internet access. Our telemedicine specialists ensure that our psychiatric care professionals adhere to all laws and medical board requirements concerning diagnosis, treatment, care, and prescription. Whether you operate a medical office in need of special counseling, a correctional facility working to meet state mental health guidelines, or you are a litigant in need of forensic psychiatry consultation, Orbit Health can pair you with experienced, qualified mental health practitioners.

Orbit Health providers tailored telepsychiatry services for a range of purposes, including:

  • Telepsychiatry for Texas Healthcare Providers
  • Telepsychiatry for Texas Correctional Facilities and Juvenile Detention Centers
  • Telepsychiatry for Texas Addiction Centers and Youth Homes
  • Forensic Telepsychiatry for Texas Litigation
  • Telepsychiatry for Texas Community Health Centers

Whatever your mental healthcare needs, Orbit Health is ready to provide. Contact our telepsychiatry professionals today to discuss your options for quality telepsychiatry services.

Build Out Your Telepsychiatry Practice

Orbit Health does more than just connect you with qualified telepsychiatry practitioners. We offer consultation services and training for healthcare providers to build out their telepsychiatry practices. We will work with your existing infrastructure to help you build an effective, efficient, and regulatory compliant telepsychiatry practice in order to expand your offerings and improve your patient service. We offer assistance in establishing workflows, appointing key administrative positions, and training staff members in how to administer a quality telepsychiatry practice. If you are interested in expanding your hospital or medical office into the practice of telepsychiatry, call Orbit Health for consulting and training services today.

If Your Texas Medical Office Needs Qualified Mental Health Services, Reach Out to Orbit Health Today

If you are a healthcare provider, litigant, youth home, or correctional facility, Orbit Health is ready to bring licensed telepsychiatry experts to your doorstep. With Orbit Health, you do not have to rely on practitioners already located in your area, nor do you have to worry about coronavirus contamination or other safety concerns. Orbit Health will connect you with experienced, professional, licensed psychiatric professionals, brought directly to any location that has internet access. If you are looking for telepsychiatry services in the State of Texas, contact Orbit Health today!