Telepsychiatry for Washington State Medical Offices and Organizations

Washington State, like many other states across the country, is suffering from a shortage of mental healthcare providers. In areas across the country, especially rural locations, patients in dire need of mental health care have few, if any, local options. Medical offices and hospitals either have only a few overburdened psychiatrists on hand, or they lack any mental health care professionals on call. The problem has been especially apparent in light of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, which made access to psychiatric care even more sparse and precarious. In fact, according to Mental Health America, the State of Washington ranks 46th overall for the prevalence of mental illness, meaning Washingtonians face higher rates of mental illness and lower access to mental healthcare than almost every other state.

Orbit Health offers a solution to the mental health crisis the country is facing. With telepsychiatry, Washington hospitals, medical offices, and other organizations can partner with mental health care providers from anywhere around the state or, indeed, around the country, utilizing their services without the need for burdensome travel and accompanying costs, delays, and hassles. Utilizing our state-of-the-art videoconferencing technology, Orbit Health brings the psychiatrist right to your office; all you need is an internet connection and a computer or tablet. Washington state officials and the medical community at large have embraced the use of telepsychiatry; it’s time that you do the same. Give your patients the care they deserve with help from the telepsychiatry experts at Orbit Health.

Washington State and Telemedicine

Washington State widely accepts and encourages the practice of telemedicine. Washington’s Medicaid (Apple Health), for example, reimburses for services provided via live video interaction between patients and practitioners. In fact, patients in Washington can receive care at home or “any location determined appropriate by the individual receiving the service” and still receive Medicaid reimbursement.

Private insurers must likewise reimburse for telemedicine services so long as they would have provided coverage for in-person services. If the service is medically necessary, recognized as an essential health benefit under the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA), and the medical community accepts that the service can be effectively and safely provided through the medium of telemedicine, private and public insurers in Washington will pay for coverage.

Washington State and Inter-State Telepsychiatry

Washington is at the forefront of the telepsychiatry industry. The state has joined the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, which allows out-of-state medical professionals to obtain fast-tracked licenses within the state. If you’re in need of a specialist and no proper option exists in your county or even in your state, Orbit Health can help partner you with a qualified mental health practitioner from anywhere across the country. Expert psychiatrists from across the state and around the nation are standing by to help with consultations, patient diagnosis, and treatment.

Orbit Health Provides Telepsychiatry Services to Washington Providers

Orbit Health is ready to bring licensed psychiatric professionals to your medical office, hospital, youth home, or other entity. We’ll help you set up your telepsychiatry infrastructure, provide you with the necessary software and other technology, and connect you with qualified mental health care professionals tailored to your patients’ needs.

Through Orbit University, we also provide consultation services to build your telepsychiatry practice from the ground up. We’ll work within your existing infrastructure to establish a working, HIPAA-compliant, effective telepsychiatry practice. Orbit Health provides comprehensive telepsychiatry services, from building a practice to connecting you with existing providers.  If you are interested in expanding your services into the realm of telepsychiatry, Orbit Health is ready to help.

Call Orbit Health Today if Your Washington Medical Office Needs Professional Mental Health Services

If you are a healthcare provider, litigant, youth home, or correctional facility, Orbit Health is ready to bring licensed telepsychiatry experts to your doorstep. With Orbit Health, you do not have to rely on psychiatrists already located in your area, nor do you have to worry about coronavirus contamination or other safety concerns. Orbit Health will connect you with qualified, effective, and practiced psychiatric professionals, brought directly to any location that has internet access. If you are looking for telepsychiatry services in Washington State, contact Orbit Health today!