Telepsychiatry for Virginia Organizations

Orbit Health is a leading provider of telepsychiatry services across the United States and maintains service locations in a number of states, including Virginia.  If you own or operate an organization anywhere in the State of Virginia that would benefit from licensed and experienced psychiatric professionals, Orbit Health is here to connect you with the mental health services you need.  Using simple video-conferencing technology, Orbit Health can bring specialized psychiatric care to any location in Virginia that has access to the internet.

Virginia is Actively Expanding the Practice of Telemedicine

Virginia permits any psychiatrist or Advanced Practice Registered Nurse with a Virginia state license to practice telepsychiatry. Virginia has not yet joined the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, but the state has passed numerous helpful guidelines addressing the practice of telemedicine. The state and prominent state institutions such as the University of Virginia actively promote the practice of telemedicine.

In fact, Virginia recently enacted legislation aimed to ease the restrictions on the practice of telehealth. Prior existing law had set certain requirements for telehealth sessions, including restrictions about the originating site and a requirement that patients be accompanied by a care provider in person during telehealth sessions. In consideration of the coronavirus pandemic and the need for virtual healthcare services, the state passed a law eliminating those site restrictions and the requirement that patients have a care provider on site. Governor Northam signed a bill extending the modifications through July 1, 2021.

We are confident that Virginia will continue to expand the practice of telemedicine in the near future, and we hope to see Virginia join the Compact. to expedite the practice of cross-state telepsychiatry.

Telepsychiatry for Virginia Healthcare Providers

Medical experts understand the importance of expert, tailored psychiatric care. Psychiatry is a field rife with specialties, and the best patient service comes from licensed professionals with specialized knowledge and education in the patient’s particular area of need.

Not all locations can accommodate every patient’s individual needs. Hospitals in remote or rural locations may have access to one general psychiatric practitioner at best, and recruiting additional psychiatrists can be expensive, time-consuming, and ultimately unsuccessful. With Orbit Health, your healthcare entity is not limited to whoever chooses to live nearby. We bring professionals from any specialization right to your office through video-conferencing technology, so that your patients get the expert, specialized evaluation and treatment they need.

Our mental health professionals offer all attendant services including treatment, consultation, examination, diagnosis, education, training, and observation. Whatever your organization needs, we can provide.

Telepsychiatry for Virginia Correctional Facilities and Juvenile Detention Centers

Studies have conclusively shown that proper mental health treatment cuts down on recidivism as well as inmate violence. Many correctional facilities cannot afford to have psychiatric care specialists at the ready at all times, especially if they are in remote locations. With Orbit Health, you can ensure that you satisfy all state and federal healthcare requirements as well as ensure that inmates in your facility get the treatment they need to reenter society as productive, healthy members.  The telepsychiatry team at Orbit Health is passionate about eliminating mass incarceration of the mentally ill, and we hope you will allow us to further that goal by assisting your facility.

Telepsychiatry for Virginia Youth Homes

There is a growing consensus among academics and medical professionals that mental health care for the youth is essential to proper development. Children who have experienced trauma or who have otherwise been cycled through foster families, youth homes, and detention centers need qualified, compassionate mental health care even more. With Orbit Health, your youth home can benefit from mental health experts around the state, without the need for expensive recruitment efforts or reliance on who happens to operate a practice nearby.

If Your Virginia Medical Organization Needs Quality Mental Health Services, Call Orbit Health Today

Whether you are a Virginia employer looking to provide mental health benefits, a state or county correctional facility, a Virginia healthcare provider, a civil or criminal litigant in a case involving mental health issues, or any other organization in Virginia that would benefit from easy access to psychiatric professionals across a wide range of specialties, Orbit Health is here to help. We offer experienced, qualified, and licensed psychiatric experts providing all manner of psychiatric services, from direct care to teaching, consultation, and expert witness testimony.

With Orbit Health, you do not have to rely on practitioners already located in your area, nor are you restricted by quarantines and other contamination concerns. Orbit Health will connect you with dedicated, effective psychiatric professionals, imported right to any Virginia location that has internet access. To obtain the psychiatric services your organization needs, contact Orbit Health today!