Correctional Telepsychiatry Works!

Dr. seeing patientTelepsychiatry has been shown to be an effective mode of patient care delivery in jails and prisons.  Psychiatry staffing shortages nationwide are impacting the ability of correctional facilities to provide sufficient psychiatric care to inmates.  However, telepsychiatry has helped alleviate the staffing shortages.  In fact, correctional telepsychiatry is one of the fastest growing segments of telemedicine.

Advantages of correctional telepsychiatry over onsite care:

  1. Ability of jail administrators to deploy provider resources in a flexible and customized manner
  2. Providers remain out of the way, enhancing the safety and efficiency of jail operations
  3. A clean, pleasant, and safe work environment for providers (your home office!)
  4. Inmates and staff typically embrace telepsychiatry once they have some exposure to it

To learn more about why telepsychiatry is a great fit for jails and prisons, click here.

If you are looking for correctional telepsychiatry services for your facility, or you are a provider looking for a job opportunity in corrections, contact Orbit Health today!

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