Telepsychiatry for
outpatient clinics

Improve patient outcomes and reduce wait times with Orbit Health’s telepsychiatry services. Our providers supplement your on-site staff to help your clinic reach more patients, faster.
Provider Availability
Improve patient care Say goodbye to admin work

Full-time access to psychiatric care,

no matter your location.

Easy to implement

  • User-friendly technology
  • Compatible with nearly all IT frameworks
  • Sensitivity to the patient environment

Improve patient service

  • Timely care regardless of center location
  • Evidence-based treatments
  • Achieve better continuity of care

Cost savings

  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Decrease hospitalizations
  • No additional building infrastructure

Relief for short-staffed clinics

  • Advanced recruitment techniques
  • Retention of staff & less turnover
  • Weekend and on-call coverage

We’re on a mission to bring the best telepsychiatrists to your patients - when they need it most.

Why Choose Orbit Health?

Knowledge & experience

Our team consists of leaders in the telemedicine and telepsychiatry fields. Orbit’s providers are vetted and trained to be able to handle complex diagnoses across different specializations.

Sensitivity to the patient’s environment

Orbit Health psychiatrists comply with the rules of the facilities we partner with and are trained to work with patients in any environment. Available for team meetings and clinical coordination.


We have access to state-of-the-art technologies and a network of high quality, team-oriented telepsychiatrists. Don’t be restricted to practitioners already located in your area or be limited due to contamination or safety concerns.

Excellence in recruitment

We have a unique ability to recruit and retain high quality psychiatrists, trained at the world’s leading institutions — Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, and UCSF.

Tailor-made services for your clinic

Your facility has its own unique needs. Maybe your patient population is steady or in constant flux. We adapt our services to yours (and their) needs from the hospital bed and beyond.

We manage our psychiatrists

Unlike locum tenens companies, we hold our psychiatrists accountable with quality and utilization review. We’re responsive to facility admin feedback and pivot as needed.

Telepsychiatry designed with clinics in mind

With Orbit Health, we can reach more people, faster. It was an easy, seamless process resulting in my team quickly addressing gaps in clinical coverage."
Jeff Gould M.D. Chief of Physician Services, Telecare
Orbit Health has displayed nothing short of outstanding performance and professionalism. Orbit has made a tremendous impact on our ability to treat the mental health population within our county.
Andrea Kuhlen, MPA Director, Imperial County Behavioral Health Services
I spend most of my time doing what I love doing, which is taking care of my patients, because Orbit takes care of everything else. I've been working for Orbit for over 3 years, and I feel so happy and valued in this job.
Dr. Jenny Yi Orbit Health

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