Telepsychiatry is Good for Your Teeth!

As a telepsychiatrist, I get to work from my home office. The benefits of this arrangement are amazing.  I can avoid the horrible traffic commuting to and from an ordinary onsite job.  I get to be in a comfortable environment with a perfect office setup.  The list goes on and on…

But there are some not-so-obvious benefits of telemedicine for doctors. Working from home, you can be more involved with family, save money on meals, and pet your dog/cat on breaks. The other day, as I as brushing/flossing my teeth after a lunch break, I realized how amazing it is to have access to everything I need while I am working.  That includes easy access to all the home amenities including dental supplies!

Telehealth gives me flexibility, comfort, and now… great dental health! My dentist agrees!

Thank you telepsychiatry for changing my life!

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