Telepsychiatry for State Hospitals

Orbit Health Offers Safe and Effective Counseling and Treatment at State Hospitals Around the Country

Orbit Health is a leading provider of telepsychiatry services to healthcare professionals. We offer needed psychiatric services to all 50 states, without restriction on time of day, location, or subspecialty requirement. Using our state-of-the-art videoconferencing services, Orbit Health brings psychiatrists directly to your state hospital, regardless of remoteness, concerns over contamination, or other limiting factors. We eliminate the need for widespread recruitment searches, saving money, time, and energy so that your organization can focus its efforts and its finances on providing excellent patient care.

Whether your hospital is located in a remote area or you have encountered difficulties finding and recruiting qualified psychiatrist in your area, or whether you simply have not had the ability to retain a psychiatrist in-house, Orbit Health provides experienced and educated telepsychiatrists without the necessity of physical presence in your town, city, or even state.

How Can Telepsychiatry Help Your State Hospital?

State hospitals are tasked with helping some of the state’s most seriously ill residents, many of whom have been committed to the care of the hospital due to criminal, violent, or self-injurious behavior. The safety and security of patients and staff are paramount concerns in state hospitals, as well they should be. These measures, however, can also create logistical barriers to providing patients with the most appropriate, specialized care they may need.

With telepsychiatry, your hospital can provide specialized treatment targeted to the patient’s unique needs to help them adjust, get better and reenter society. The security of the facility and the safety of the patient, psychiatrist and other staff can also be more easily addressed when using telepsychiatry.

Orbit Health also provides telepsychiatrists experienced in forensic evaluations and treatment of patients committed for crimes linked to mental illness, who have been adjudged not guilty by reason of insanity, or who have been deemed incompetent to stand trial or need professional psychiatric care to be able to understand the charges against them and assist in their own defense. Orbit Health telepsychiatrists are experienced in serving inmates and parolees in a variety of settings, including correctional facilities, juvenile detention centers, and more.

Telepsychiatry also offers a number of additional benefits for state hospitals over traditional in-person psychiatric care.

Better patient service.  While some patients may be reluctant to adjust at first, the medical literature has conclusively shown the benefits of telepsychiatry.  Patients quickly adapt to the new setting and find that they can receive all of the benefits of psychiatric care without any of the risks or limitations attendant to in-person care.  Remote professionals can meet with your patients for consultation, discussion, diagnosis and treatment.  They can review medical paperwork and, depending on state rules, even prescribe medications.

Patients, in turn, can go to their local medical office without needing to make an additional trip to a remote out-patient psychiatrist’s office, and without facing any perceived stigma waiting in a psychiatrist’s office or parking lot.  In fact, studies have shown that patients are more likely to attend telepsychiatry services than traditional in-office healthcare appointments.  Telepsychiatry removes many of the barriers of in-person appointments including cost and travel time concerns.

Cut costs. Telehealth services reduce overhead costs for hospitals and reduce out-of-pocket expenses for patients.  Patients have one less location to travel to, saving time off of work as well as gasoline and vehicle expenses.  Medical offices, in turn, have access to qualified mental health professionals without incurring additional costs relating to staffing or building new infrastructure.  Hospitals need not fly in specialists when necessary, instead bringing them in when needed through a simple internet connection.

Relief for short-staffed hospitals.  If you are looking to expand your services but you have limited personnel, or if your facility is already dealing with staffing concerns, Orbit Health is the solution.  Using telepsychiatry, you can import psychiatric services from offsite mental health professionals without expanding any physical or human infrastructure.  You can offer in-house psychiatric services to patients in your hospital from a wide range of specialties without the need to recruit new professionals or pay for expensive flights and consulting costs.  Professionals from around the country can offer services directly to your patients, so long as licensing requirements are followed.

The benefits are especially well-pronounced for rural or remote medical facilities that may have trouble recruiting qualified experts.  You are no longer limited to professionals who are already in the area or who are willing to move.  Your state-run medical facility can offer all of the mental health services you desire, at a fraction of the cost.

Protection against coronavirus and other communicable ailments.  Modern problems call for modern solutions.  The novel coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing, and even after vaccines become widespread, the way we conduct ourselves privately and professionally is likely to have changed forever.  With telepsychiatry, you can bring in seasoned mental health professionals for review and treatment without any concerns over spreading coronavirus or any other viruses or diseases.

Contact Orbit Health to Work With Our Licensed Psychiatric Professionals Today

If you operate a state hospital, you can benefit from the diagnoses, advice, counseling, and opinions of qualified psychiatric efforts.  With Orbit Health, you do not have to rely on practitioners already located in your area, nor do you have to worry about coronavirus contamination or other safety concerns.  Orbit Health will connect you with licensed, professional, dedicated psychiatric professionals, brought directly to any location that has internet access.  If you are looking for telepsychiatry services for your state medical facility, contact Orbit Health today!