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Orbit Health is dedicated to providing outstanding telehealth services to healthcare providers, schools, detention centers, long-term care facilities, litigants, and any other parties who would benefit from talented, qualified mental health resources.  As part of our commitment to excellence in the telehealth field, we are thrilled to offer telehealth training services through our own Orbit University.  Orbit University is an online platform for training healthcare staff and service providers on the effective, efficient, and legally compliant implementation of telemedicine services.

Why Orbit University Matters to You

Telehealth is a rapidly growing industry.  According to the American Medical Association, insurance claims relating to telehealthcare rocketed up 53 percent just from 2016 to 2017, and the field has only continued to grow.  Numerous studies have shown that patients walk away just as satisfied, if not more so, when treated using telehealth technology.  With a proper telehealth service provider, you can offer your patients targeted, expert services, geared toward their specific needs, without worrying about finding a specialist at your location.  When done right, telemedicine is efficient, effective, and economical.  If you are a healthcare provider, you can be sure that telehealth will soon become a part of your practice, if it isn’t already.

Orbit University employs an educated, qualified, and talented team of seasoned professionals respected by their peers across the country.  Our teaching team has a wealth of knowledge and experience, with an established background of training medical staff at facilities all over the U.S.  Our team regularly presents at medical conferences and continuing education courses, and they have a deep understanding of both the medical field generally and the telehealth industry specifically.  We have already established numerous telemental health programs across the nation, so we know what to expect and how to get things done.  We pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of the healthcare profession.

What Does Orbit University Offer?

The telehealth experts at Orbit University ensure that your staff is ready to launch your telehealth practice from day one.  We provide top-to-bottom training on the theory behind telehealth, effective utilization of telehealth services, core competency with telehealth technology, how to build and maintain a quality telemedicine team, regulatory compliance, and all other elements necessary to make your telehealth practice shine.  Orbit University will build your existing staff’s knowledge and confidence concerning telehealth visits and ensure new staff is brought up to speed swiftly and without hassle.

The Orbit University Essentials of Telehealth Series

Through Orbit University, we offer four core courses covering the Essentials of Telehealth.  The four-course Essentials of Telehealth Series includes the following:

  • Launching Your Telehealth Clinic. Our first Essentials course covers the basics of telehealth, including the advantages of telehealth, the types of services available, and where telehealth fits into your practice.  The program explains how to establish and maintain an effective team, the roles of each employee, and strategies for effective communication.  We also address how to respond to patient refusals or noncompliance.
  • Clinical Excellence in Telehealth. Our Clinical Excellence course explores how to make every telehealth session valuable and enjoyable for your patients.  We cover professional etiquette in a telehealth setting, how to establish rapport with patients over virtual communication, and common mistakes to avoid or correct in telehealth meetings.  Our Clinical Excellence course also covers how to conduct a quality mental health examination remotely, conducting AIMS tests virtually, and how to handle emergency situations.
  • Legal & Regulatory Compliance. Healthcare providers are rightly concerned about legal compliance, especially when considering a partnership with telehealth professionals across state lines.  Our Compliance course details telehealth policy, including licensing requirements and federal rules and regulations.  We cover controlled substances regulation, cybersecurity, HIPAA, and issues relating to patient consent.  More in-depth HIPAA and cybersecurity courses are available as well.
  • Office & Tech Requirements. With new technology, inevitably, comes new headaches.  Thankfully, our Office & Tech Requirements course will teach your office how to anticipate, alleviate, and correct any tech challenges that may arise.  We walk staff through setting up an office for telehealth services, what technology is necessary or recommended, and how to integrate telehealth into existing systems.

As an added bonus, the Essentials package includes our Pearls for Supervisors course that teaches supervisors how to lay the foundation for and effectively maintain a quality telehealth program.  Our Pearls course instructs supervisors on how to draft and implement appropriate policies, ensure staff are properly engaged, as well as anticipate and address any challenges that arise.

On top of the Essentials, we highly recommend the Inclusion & Diversity in Telehealth course.  The Diversity course explores sociocultural factors that can affect a telehealth encounter, including language differences and sensitive identity topics that may arise.  We provide social sensitivity training and work toward competency concerning ethnic and cultural matters.  Our Diversity course also covers ADA concerns.

Orbit University Course Offerings

Orbit University offers a number of training courses and programs.  When you enroll, you provide a list of staff you want to be trained by our telehealth experts.  Your staff will gain 24/7 access to our interactive eLearning courses, specially designed to keep staff engaged while learning.  Orbit Health will provide Certificates of Completion for participants and update your management team with summary reporters.

Our basic pricing structure is as follows:

  • Essentials of Telehealth Services: $199 per registered user
  • HIPAA & Cybersecurity bundle: $49 per registered user
  • Inclusion & Diversity in Telehealth: $39 per registered user

Contact Orbit Health Today to Get Your Telehealth Practice Off the Ground

If you are a healthcare provider looking to establish, expand, or perfect your telehealth practice, Orbit Health is ready to help.  Through training at Orbit University, your staff will learn how to build a sterling telemedicine program and bring your practice into the 21st century.  When you are ready to champion your new telehealth practice, contact Orbit Health!