Telepsychiatry for Healthcare Organizations

Orbit Health is a leading provider of telepsychiatry services for healthcare professionals.  We offer key psychiatric services to all 50 states, without restriction on time of day, location, or subspecialty requirement.  Orbit Health brings psychiatrists directly to your hospital or medical office by way of state-of-the-art video conferencing services.  We eliminate the need for widespread recruitment searches, saving money, time, and energy so that your organization can focus its efforts and its finances on providing excellent patient care.

Whether your practice is in a remote location, you have had trouble finding a qualified psychiatrist in your area, or you simply have not had the inclination or opportunity to retain a psychiatrist in-house, Orbit Health provides qualified and talented telepsychiatrists without the necessity of physical presence in your town, city, or even state.

Telepsychiatry is Great for Patients

Orbit Health offers excellent psychiatric services for patients without the need to either go to a psychiatrist’s office or bring a mental health professional into your hospital.  To the patient, the session is the same:  They conference with the psychiatrist for discussion, diagnosis, and treatment.  The remote doctor is able to review the medical record, meet with the patient, and submit any clinical documentation right to your medical records.  It means one less trip for patients, one less day missed at work to travel to a psychiatrist’s location, and allows them to see a mental health professional without fear of any stigma for parking at or sitting in the waiting room of a psychiatrist’s office.

Telepsychiatry for Short-Staffed Hospitals

Orbit Health provides an excellent resource for hospitals and other medical service providers that would like to expand their mental healthcare services but lack the personnel resources.  With telepsychiatry, healthcare providers can “import” psychiatric services from offsite mental health professionals and offer those services in-house to patients in their own hospitals.  Your patients can be sitting in a room in your hospital and receive mental health advice and treatment from a psychiatrist somewhere else in the state, or even across the country, depending on licensing restrictions.

Our services seamlessly integrate into your existing structure.  Our clinicians simply become another member of your healthcare team, able to follow any procedures and accommodate any requirements your organization may have.  They can review and update medical records remotely, issue referrals and prescriptions, and order any necessary tests through your current infrastructure.  They require less overhead, as they do not even need to be provided a physical office at your location.

The service is especially useful for rural or remote medical care providers that do not have access to a pool of trained and educated psychiatric professionals.  Instead of waiting for years to find a qualified candidate whom you can convince to move to your remote area, Orbit Health allows you to vet, hire, and offer the services of your new psychiatrist entirely remotely.  Even if you have one or more psychiatrists in your area, you are likely to have more demand than supply.  Rather than pile all of your patients on your one or two staff psychiatrists, you can instead conference in a remote professional to handle excess patients.

Telepsychiatry During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Orbit Health’s telepsychiatry services are of particular import during a time of quarantines and lockdowns.  Hospitals treating patients are imposing all kinds of necessary restrictions on staff and patient behaviors in order to promote social distancing and limit the spread of coronavirus.

With telepsychiatry, you can have one less body in the hospital or medical office:  Simply set up Orbit’s videoconferencing service into one or more rooms and have your patient interact with the doctor remotely.  Psychiatrists who are trying to limit their own exposure and patients who are wary of interacting with more staff than they deem “necessary” have nothing to fear from a videoconference with a remote mental health professional.

Quarantine, moreover, can have serious and damaging effects on a patient’s psyche.  Patients who are already quarantined due to coronavirus or other infectious illnesses would benefit greatly from the chance to speak with a qualified, understanding mental health professional, without the need to expose either party to greater risk.

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Orbit Health provides smart solutions to modern problems.  If you are a healthcare provider in need of effective, convenient, and qualified psychiatric healthcare services, contact Orbit Health to discuss your options for telepsychiatry.