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Providing Quality Mental Health Care Via Video Conferencing

Orbit Health provides high quality mental health care through the use of videoconferencing technology. This form of healthcare delivery is called Telepsychiatry, and it is an effective solution to the nationwide shortage of psychiatrists. We offer highly trained psychiatrists and nurse practitioners to a variety of healthcare facilities. By providing medication management and psychotherapy remotely, we save healthcare organizations time and money. Doctors and patients enjoy meeting face-to-face through the use of tablets, smartphones, laptops, or desktop computers. Our technologies are easy to use, confidential, and HIPAA compliant. Telepsychiatry is changing the face of healthcare, and Orbit Health Telepsychiatry is leading the way.
Benefits to Institutions
  • Meet staffing needs: Scalable & reliable coverage
  • Confidentiality: HIPAA compliant & secure appointments
  • Greater Patient Satisfaction: Timely & quality care
  • Cost Effective: Reasonable rates & lower travel costs
  • Expand your reach: Access to care for underserved, remote, or rural areas
Benefits to Psychiatrists
  • Telecommute:Save time & avoid traffic
  • Lower overhead costs:Avoid office rental & staffing costs
  • Flexible schedule:Choose a schedule which matches your lifestyle
  • Custom tailored practice:Select the size of your caseload & patient setting
  • Enjoy your work:Easy to use technology & supportive culture

Health Care Organizations

Hospitals, Community Clinics, Academic Institutions, Emergency Departments, Assisted Living Facilities, Insurance Companies, Businesses, and Investors


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