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Correctional Telepsychiatry: A Good Fit

By Orbit Health |

Jails and prisons can be bleak and austere places to work.  The steel bars and concrete walls deliver a cold feel.  Survival is a constant theme for patients and staff alike.  Feelings of hopelessness can dominate and an authoritarian vibe can overwhelm.  Working inside the jail or prison walls, one cannot help but feel… Read More »

Telemedicine in Focus: California

By Orbit Health |

Answers to 10 common questions With a population of approximately 39 million people, the Golden State is the most populous in the Union.  In addition, California is geographically huge and ranked third in total land area.  Physicians in California tend to live in the large metropolitan areas that hug the coastline.  Uneven distribution of… Read More »

Telepsychiatry Lighting Fundamentals: Lights, Camera, Action…

By Orbit Health |

Think about a great scene in your favorite movie.  What made it have so much impact?  Was it the screenplay, the acting, or the scenery?  You may not have thought about it, but chances are that the lighting and color of the set made a big difference.  The way the lights were positioned captured… Read More »

The Webside Manner

By Orbit Health |

5 Techniques to Gain the Trust of Patients   Have you ever had a great doctor?  Chances are you liked that doctor because of the way she made you feel as a patient; in other words, it was her bedside manner.   The bedside manner is the way a doctor interacts with her patient…. Read More »

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